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and I Am Complete

I shiver at the bitter wind
and I look up to you
I am captured in your smile
I fall away as your tears
But you walk away with no idea
Your suits made
by my pieces of soul
and I bleed
as you dine
and my knees buckle
under the pedestal
you stand on
But it all melts away
when the chauffeur closes the door
You go home
while I remain in that place
We are disjointed
all these things sacrificed
are carried on a bitter wind
and will oneday find me
as I look across at you
My youth; my talent exhausted
So you can walk away
with no idea.

-written 1:48 AM

Everything is old in me
Everything's weathered and
nothing is new
Everything is broken
I've nothing to offer you
So close the blinds on me
and allow my dust to settle
Don't expect me to open your eyes
Because everything in this package
is dated
My hospitality has been spent
Trying to feel something real,
something whole
But the outside is shiny and new
and I'm just damaged goods
I've too many layers to shed
and I cannot bare another blow...
So place me back upon my shelf
and continue on your shopping trip
for broken blossoms are a dime a dozen

-written 2:36 AM
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