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Memento Mori

Does this image ring any bells for any of you? Don't worry, it shouldn't. This is the face of 'little' Audrey Santo. I say 'little' because she and I are the same age.

People are always asking me (at least my family) why I am an Athiest. Here, unabashedly, is my

Audrey Santo is a little girl no different from yours, or no different than you were perhaps. Tragically, on August 9 1987, she fell into her swimming pool and, because of some pretty fucked medical care, she became and is to this day, in a state called Akinetic Mutism. She cannot move or speak. Against medical advice, she wasn't placed in a 24 hour care facility. She returned home to the care of her family.

Why would this obvious tragedy bother my so?

Well, other than a paent being so careless as to allow their three year old to wander around a swimming pool unattended. Then to have a practically vegitative child in your home when the medical consesus is that she's in need of 24 hour care. I grew up with a special needs child, and though high-function, it isn't easy. But an Akinetic Mutitist! No layman is capable of that kind of care, period. Just in case you're a layman.

Akinetic mutism: A state in which a person is unspeaking (mute) and unmoving(akinetic). A textbook on clinical neurology observes that a person withakinetic mutism has "sleep-waking cycles but, when apparently awake, witheyes open, lies mute. immobile and unresponsive." Akinetic mutism is oftendue to damage to the frontal lobes of the brain.

So, eating, sleeping, shitting, bathing, bed rotation, and medicating are just some of the things she cannot do. Things she can die from if not done or done correctly. I'm not saying she isn't being cared for, but is she getting 100% in her invironment?

I don't know. Do you?

Wow lolasenvy, that really sucks, but why inspire an arguement against religion?

Because of this The 'Little Audrey' foundation, which rakes in money and hosts tours because Audrey is a certified miracle. That's right. After she returned home, the religious relics that caring family and friends send to her began to ooze oil. I'm not kidding.

This was hailed as a miracle by her family, who immediately began thinking of lucritive ways to turn a buck. Think I'm being unfair? Check this out:

<td rowspan="2" height="1" valign="top" width="329">
"The Story of Little Audrey Santo"
____@ $20.00 ____
The Audrey Event CD
____@ $10.00 ____
Little Audrey's Photo without Frame ____@ $2.50 ____
Little Audrey's White T-Shirts:  
S-2XL (circle size) ____@ $15.00 ____
Magnet with Audrey's picture ____@   $1.00 ____
Little Audrey's Angel Tack Pin

____@   $3.00____

Little Audrey's Rhinestone Cross Pin ____@   $5.00  ____
Little Audrey's Postcard ____@   50 ea.  ____
____6 for $2.00 ____
Crucifix (large 10")
(placed in Audrey's  room)
____@ $10.00 ____
To order these items write, call or visit Web site:
"Audrey's Life  
  Voice of a Silent Soul"
  The Mercy Foundation
   79 Yoke Dr.
   St. Louis, MO 63144
"In God's Hands"
   St. Andrews Production
   6091 Steubenville Pike
   McKees Rock, PA 15136
</td> <td rowspan="2" height="1" width="5"></td> <td height="22" valign="top" width="321">

Please send personal check, cashiers check or money order and make payable to:
   Apostolate of a Silent Soul, Inc.
Mail order to:
   68 S. Flagg St.
   Worcester, MA 01602

           Please Help Us Continue Our Ministry
The Apostolate of a Silent Soul, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 viewer funded organization. Donations may be  tax deductible and are graciously accepted. I enclose an extra tax-deductible donation for the important work of the Apostolate of a Silent Soul, Inc. in the amount of:
 __$10  __$25  __$50  __$75  _$100  _$250  __$500  __Other

Shipping Information
   For Orders                      Shipping
Totaling                          Charge
$25.01-$50......................... $7.95
$50.01-$75....................... $10.95
Over $300.........................CALL
     Foreign Orders Call 508-755-8712


Yeah, good things they'r prepared for international orders. Not comfortable with buying mementos of a little girl's life being robbed of her at the age of three? Groovy, 'cause you can still make a donation.

Audrey isalso clearly telling us God doesn’t make junk! That life is valuable at any level. - Quote from 'Little Audrey's website

But wait a minute! Since the hospital acted in gross negligence, aren't they responcible for Audrey's medical cost? My father's neighbor is a parapolegic, and the hospital responcible for crippling him foots the bill for his treatments? Does she really need the money?

We don't know and because the whole racket is chalked up as a 'non-profit religious charity' we may never know, as they aren't compelled to file taxes or pay any taxes on the money they recieve at all.

Oh, wait. It doesn't. Check out this quote from the website: "Apostolate of a Silent Soul, Inc. does not in any way, shape or form financially support Audrey Santo. so when anyone makes a donation please follow these instructions. God Bless You!''

Angry yet? I am. I'm pissed. Yes, it is unfortunate that a three year old fell into a pool some twenty years ago. But what is tragic, what is unforgivable is a family that turns a profit at that expense. ANYONE who uses their daughter, ot religion, or anything in such a way is beyond reproach. Period.

Now, the website welcomes letters and even offers to send you some of that wonderful oil (what is it about oil that brings out the worst in people?) So I say, let's send them some mail. Write them a letter, or 12. Tell them, if you agree with me, how f-u-c-k-e-d what their doing is.

Apostolate of a Silent Soul, Inc.
68 S. Flagg St., Worcester, MA 01602
Telephone: 508-755-8712 (EST) -- Fax: 508-754-2920
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