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My (hopefully) final letter from Micheal

> From:
> To:
> Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 15:42:44 -0400
> you know Renea, I admit I probably should have handle things differently,
> but at least I'm trying to put it right people make mistakes Renea everyone
> does, I hope that at some point we can work past this, I don't know when or
> how long and I don't care, you may consider me dead and thats fine you're
> welcome to, however you're my sister and I'll always love you and be there
> for you no matter what thats the way it is.....take care Renea I wish you
> the best

See Micheal? That's where you're wrong. You're not my brother.Brother's don't do the kind of things you did. Period. You lied,damaged my character, and abandoned me when I was ill and neededsupport. So don't pull that bullshit 'we're family' card. I HAVE givenyou a second chance, I overlooked a great deal of past conflict when Iintroduced you to Brad, rekindled our relationship, and tried to showyou how acceptance can improve your life. I said a great deal of thingsto you and meant them. You repaid me by stepping out on me and not evenbeing man enough to tell me why. You felt like a big man with yourmother standing behind you - KNOWING I had a biopsy scheduled.

and I'm the one being obtuse? No Micheal, you didn't make a mistake.That is who you are. You are a toxic person. You are the sort of personwho could sacrifice your own sister to get something you wanted. I'msupposed to forgive you because now you realize it was a mistake? I can't do that, Micheal. I told you when you were in my circle that I amnot in the business of forgiveness. I told you how hard it was for meto trust. You knew these consequences, and you knew that this was how Ioperated. Perhaps it is ok for you to change up the sort of person youare, but you are right: I am the same old Renea.

This wasn't a mistake. Had it worked out for you, you would have noreason to be sorry. I am sorry that you think you love me, because youhave a pretty poor understanding of what love is. I cannot waste mylife and my heart loving people like you. When I spent the entire monthof November mourning you, I dealt with those feelings. There is nothingleft. There never will be again. So please, for whatever love you thinkyou have, leave me alone.

Understand that if you respond at all, I will know that you arespeaking out of ego and only for yourself as my feelings meaningABSOLUTELY NOTHING to you at all. You will only calcify my point aboutthe sort of person you have become if you persist. If there is anygoodness in you, accept that you have no sister, and I have no place inmy life and no intention of polluting the lives of my husband, bestfriend, room mate, and any future children with your company.

You cannot claim to always be there for someone when you have not andare not there for them. That's the way it is. That is reality, insteadof the way you would like it to be.

So for the last time. You are dead to me, as are your father and mother, so stay away and never bother me again.

For the LJ record: I will never open another email, respond to another comment, and his screenname has been blocked. I have said my piece, and counted to three.
Tags: my fucked up family
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