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The opposite of war isn't peace, it is creation

So I was up last night watching the news, and reading some article for this project I'm working on and I started thinking about a friend of mine, David. David is overseas right now, and I'm not doing too well with that.

Quite frankly, I'm scared to death. Scared that any number of things could hurt him. I have buried a friend before, and let me say I found it much harder than when family died. And however foolish I sound saying it, I never want to do it again.

So then I started to think about that, and I started to feel guilty that I'm not nearly as close to David as Andrew or Amber are and have been. I actually started to feel like I would offend them by worrying about David. THEN I felt guilty about what I must think about my friends to think they'd keep a score like that (Fucked up, I know.)

Then I cried. A lot. Like Shirley McLaine or Sally Field a lot. I am so angry and hurt at my country, and my President that I didn't know what else to do.

I know there will come a time when being different will be more that a harrassment or inconvenience. I know that what is happening in this country will define it's future, and all of ours as well. I know the world is watching us, and I'm frightened.

And I'm angry, because I know President Dumbfuck has never went all McLaine/Field at 2 in the morning over the men dying, and that is almost enough.

I cannot take comfort in the idea that David is fighting for us or this country, and when you can't do that when people are dying, how can you maintain faith in America?

So, all goings on in my head.

I have decided to send David a care package. Anybody who wants to contribut, lemme know.

Also add your face to if you can.
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