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Anyone got a birthday coming up?

I just started selling Avon, and I got a great deal on these tropical handbags, so I'm trying to pass the bargain on. The set comes with one ladies tropical dopp kit filled with one naturals body wash, one tropicals lotion, and one tropicals body spray.

I have them in seven scents:vanilla, peach, cucumber melon, gardenia, raspberry, lavender chamomile, and banana and coconut milk.

These items list at six to eight dollars each, and the combined total of this package is $24.46!
I'm offering them at only $15 each set!

I only have twenty, so if you want one, let me know soon. Also, if you could spread the word for me, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Oh, and please check out my new avon store at

Thanx again guys!
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