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For Brad...

This Song Has No Title

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Tune me in to the wild side of life
I'm an innocent young child sharp as a knife
Take me to the garretts where the artists have died
Show me the courtrooms where the judges have lied

Let me drink deeply from the water and the wine
Light coloured candles in dark dreary mines
Look in the mirror and stare at myself
And wonder if that's really me on the shelf

And each day I learn just a little bit more
I don't know why but I do know what for
If we're all going somewhere let's get there soon
Oh this song's got no title just words and a tune

Take me down alleys where the murders are done
In a vast high powered rocket to the core of the sun
Want to read books in the studies of men
Born on the breeze and die on the wind

If I was an artist who paints with his eyes
I'd study my subject and silently cry
Cry for the darkness to come down on me
For confusion to carry on turning the wheel

To feel your soul in pieces for the sake of NEEDING something. To know, definitively, that your life will never be the same. Not obsession, something far more exquisite, like a fine wine. To be lost in the ecstasy of new found experience, and at the same time burned by the pain of indifference in others. And to wonder how anything you do can measure up to the feeling you're given by that something. You feel your heart beating, and you realize that you'll have to somehow. Maybe if you tell 1 million people, maybe 1 hundred, maybe 1 person. Maybe then I'm worth what's been poured into me. Welcome to my world.

If we're all going somewhere let's get there soon

Oh this song's got no title just words and a tune...


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Aug. 10th, 2002 03:19 pm (UTC)
::sighs, grins::
I just adore you - I KNEW that if anyone would get it, you would. That's why I cannot live without you - because you just "Get it".
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