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Voice Post:

211K 1:04
“Hey, it's Renea here and I was making my first voice post on LiveJournal and there was a couple of things I wanted to do I just kinda learning so if I sound funny or I screwed up bear with me I'm still learning first of all I wanted to give 1000000 thank you's to Brad for giving me this bad ass LiveJournal now it like permanent and it's awesome and as you can tell I'm as eloquent speaking as I am typing but I've been up for over 24 hrs so work with me. 2nd thing I'd to do I'd like to point your attention to my new icon if you haven't seen it it's nerdalicious and I love it and I stole it from somebody named Jellebell(?) and I hope she doesn't mind but if she does we'll fuck her if she can't take a joke so that was pretty much it now you've heard my voice but if you haven't heard it before anybody who has heard it before many million apologies and I feel much better when you're just reading me hope you guys love this and hope I do this more often thanks for listening.”

Transcribed by: jesus_h_biscuit