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A monumental favor, to be sure

I am planning a cross-country trip for next year. It is my plan to go places I've bever been before, so there are some things I need to know. Anything you guys can add would be appreciated.

I need to know about laundromats, 24 hours restaurants, and inexpensive, hostel-types of lodging (only to shower really, not to spend the night) in the following cities:

Baton Rouge, LA
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Chicago, IL
Philadelphia, PA
Boston, Mass. (what's the two letter code?)
Washinton, DC
Norfolk, VA
Seattle, WA
Los Angeles, CA
San Antonio, TX
New Orleans, LA

Also, anyone who might want to get me a Giftmas present be aware that I'm asking the fam and such to donate a little to helping me pay for the tix as that will free up my cash for food and such. You can pledge to purchase a whole ticket (which range from $25 to $99) but if that's too much, any amount would be appreciated.

Thanks, all!
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