Currently dashing the hopes of my parents. (lolasenvy) wrote,
Currently dashing the hopes of my parents.

Rationality...more important than sex

When I was a kid, I used to envy people who lived in the 1960s. I used to think that those people, at least, had something they were passionate about. In my worst moments, I actually envied people who had protested or lobbied the many things that were changing then.

I realized just recently that I did that. I never thought for one second that those people must have felt the same way I do now when I think of all the things I seek to change in my world. Have we really come so far?

We acheived (in theory) equal rights, unless of course you are a homosexual, an Atheist, or a citizen-to-be.

We protested a needless, bloody, and disasterous war that our president was not only flippant about, but should have been criminally liable for. Good think that sort of behavior doesn't stand anymore.

We STILL don't have health care for Americans, and we screwed the pooch so badly on that one that our elderly (read: people from the 60s) are losing their social security and having their healthcare hajacked by big corporations.

We also haven't learned anything about foreign oil dependency, which is about to ruin our country and make an already startlingly solid slave class even more a reality.

How did we drop the ball so badly? Back then we have the sds, communes where people worked hard together, and people involved in their government. Nowadays we have morbid obesity, three different MTV networks, Perez Fucking Hilton, and preteens with cell phones and charge cards. Then we disagreed with something, and we stood up. Now all we spread is the horrible truth that silence is acceptance.

I am trying very hard on a daily basis to love and be proud of my country. I never thought that I would feel that way in my life. Yet here I am everyday signing petitions and writing letters, reading books and watching the news witnessing a country that is founded on civil liberties while shamelessly stealing them away. This is a country where all men are created equal, only not really. Where I am guaranteed the freedom from religion, as long as I don't mind being sebject to the judgement of its contemporaries and the wrath of its zealots.

This is a country where we have told the entire world that we care more about taking a life than about saving one.

This is a country of me instead of we.

This is my country, and I've never been so ashamed of it in my life.

When I think of how much I sob or shake with anger or feel hopeless about my country and its people, I realize that it is painfully ignorant to envy people from the 60s. I should identify, the only thing it seems they had that I don't is hope.
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