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Voice Post

209K 1:05
“Hey, it's Ray making my 2nd voice post and I'm just texting everything out and seeing how everything is going now that I have moved in to my new house. Everything is settling in well and I'm actually feeling much better. Had a vicious OCD attack last week complicated by a horrible loss of something very dear to me but I am feeling a lot better and I'm gaining some perspective. On a lighter note I'm totally totally involved in this new thing that's got me very very happy and psyched and so I'm looking forward to pretty much everything I do was wild abandoned. Hopefully I'll be seeing Brad today and coz I have lots of things to discuss with him and you know on a side note I wanna thank him for taking such good care of me last week. Well other than that and a trip that hopefully when I get my stuff together I can host on but taking care of me to anyone who's interested I hope everything is doing well and if so give me an email. Take care now bye now.”

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Apr. 9th, 2008 05:58 am (UTC)
I'm in Ellerslie until tomorrow, give me a call tomorrow evening and we'll catch up!

Glad you're feeling better, love!