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I love being a fangirl

I love being a fangirl. I do. It occured to me last night whilst reading some fanfiction and having a glass of wine how lucky I am.

Where do people's interest take them? If your interest n politics (which mine often is) then it has been my experience that you are left frustrated, outraged, sad, and often just plain tired. Even the victories can be fleeting a best, because in the end everything is a compromise.

Mike, by significant other, is into Star Wars, and hours fly by - in books and video games, comics and tv shows. All in his room, alone. He seems happy enough, but always by himself.

I am a fangirl, and I love every minute of it. I love the new shows. I love talking about the show. I love all of the peopel I meet and have made friends with, as they are among the warmest, most accpting people I've ever met in my life. If you grew up as lonely and misunderstood as I did, you would understand. If you didn't, thank goodness because n one should.

I love that my fandom has inspired me to travel to an entirely other country where I've never been! I love that there are friends meeting me there. I love that I have never once felt judged for my flamboyant geekiness, and have only felt one of the girls which is a wonderful feeling indeed.

I love that I have never felt anything but happy in the communities, and happiness isn't something I come by too easily.

So thank you, especially purely_distel and all the people at tennant_love

Because in case I haven't really pointed in out, I love being a fangirl. I really do.
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