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Complete house renovation, Part 1

So this house was a complete goddamn fucking nightmare when we move in. So I set my mind to remodeling it, which has been beyond interesting considering I'm working on a shoestring budget. I remebered what Crispin Glover said, "When dedicating yourself to a project you care deeply about, usually at least one of the following things must suffer in order to see the coming of fruition: one's time, one's money, or one's standard. Being a perfectionist has meant that it is both my time and money that suffer as my standard simply cannot."

I love that quote. So my house is coming along, its just taking time as my budget is sparse.

The bathroom.

First of all, I don't think the bathroom had ever been cleaned before we got there. It was this near marigold yellow, and the bathtub was badly in need of resurfacing.

I'm no where near finished, but three coats of paint, new border, some hand cut accentsfor the cabinets and a new shower curtain later, we're about half done.

Next, I'm going to resurface the bathtub, rewax the toilet, paint the floor, and custom paint the tiles. Hopefully, in the end it will look much better.

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