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Fucking Baa

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User Number: 595075
Date Created:15-6-2002
Number of Posts: 45

Lola is a journalist. Unfortunately, she only works at a radio station. Lola loves dense cities and the nightlife. Unfortunately, she lives in a half-horse town. Lola is independent and self-assured. Unfortunatley, she lives with her mother (for now) which is a daily test of her strength. Lola is a knockout. Unfortunately, that's only on the inside. Lola tries to be optimistic about life. Unfortunately, she's living this one.
Strengths: Absolutely unparralleled bitchyness, wit that could slay you, indefatigable pessimism, ability to ALWAYS be the craziest person in the room, constantly challenged; never faltering personal strength
Weaknesses: Spelling (see above), tends to be a little obsessive, occational psychotic episode, driving, french fries, pronunciation, mmmm...french fries, paranoia, insomnia, Conan O'Brien, much older men, mmm...Dean Stockwell What were we talking about?
Special Skills: Writes poetry and prose, able to perform well on little sleep, ready to talk politics at the drop of a hat, plays a mean game of name that tune, knows everything possible about Peter Sellers and Quantum Leap (I'm sad, I know), works at a radio station (how's that for sad, be-otch? Still is? ok.)
Weapons: Don't get in a fight with me. I hold the almighty "HUH!" Also, don't arouse my need for revenge. You will be sorry.
Classic Obsessions: Monk, Conan O'Brien, Peter Sellers, Quantum Leap, Dave Garroway, Brian Wilson, Elton John, David Hyde Pierce, John Byers

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Aug. 28th, 2002 09:44 am (UTC)
Renea, you crack me up - you are just too funny!!
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