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Important trip notice

I bought my Plane tickets for England today!!!!!

So now I have a few things to settle out.

1) My tickets leave from New York City. I might fly from Atlanta to the airport for the flight out, but if I don't is there anyone out there who might want to visit if I come a day or two early? I could try to couchsurf a day or two, so long as I could work out transport to the airport.

2) I will be traveling from Cardiff to Germany in December, but every method I look into is hella expensive. Does anyone know if there is a cheaper alternative, or a way the tickets could be bought over there? I would be willing to send the money to anyone who would be willing to buy them.

3) So far, I'm going to London, Macclesfield, Cardiff, Manchester, Stratford-Upon-Avon, and Germany. Is there anyone who might want company or a meetup? I'm still hammering out my couchsurfing, so if you offer that would be amazing, but if you only want a coffee or to catch some Doctor Who, I'd love to meet the wonderful people I'm always reading about!

Anyone with advice or suggestions would be a great help to me. Thanks so much everyone!

I still can't believe I have my tickets!!!!!!!!
Tags: cs, london, my trip
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