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an ipod to fill...

I have an ipod to fill, and I need about 600 songs (I have the rest.) I'm trying to fill it primarily with happy stuff, any decade, although 80s is always a plus :)

However, I have the following restrictions: each artist can have no more than 3 songs each. Also, no more than 50 songs of any major genre, and I'm trying to make it as eclectic as I can.

So far, I have: Rem, Dixie Chicks, Roxy Music, Justin Timberlake, Feist, The Wombats, The Killers, Johnny Cash, Joy Division, Muse, Sugar Ray, Rent OST, The Smiths, Royksopp, Weezer, Goldfrapp, Evanescence, Rouge Station, Elvis Costello, the Cure, and other various.

Any suggestions?


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