Currently dashing the hopes of my parents. (lolasenvy) wrote,
Currently dashing the hopes of my parents.

Crane began making little circles against her clit. Desi immediately gasped loudly. "I see the way you look at him."

He said calmly, watching her respond to his touch, "And I look at internal jokes and I ask: were your throws of passion different for him? What did he do that I do not? I look in your eyes and know that you still hunger for your darling J"

Desi closed her eyes, bit her lips as she moaned softly to herself. Crane continued to watch, thrusting harder as he marked her response. Desi cried out, "Oh, please. Harder." She clutched the plastic sheet, crying out "Just like that. Oh, Johnathan, please don't stop." Crane continued, applying ever-increasing pressure as he continued driving into her.

"Is that how he won you? Was he rough with you? I love you and still I sense distance when we touch. Every time you and he go together, I wonder how you can work with a man who hurt you so profoundly."

Crane spoke calmly, still watching Desi and she ebbed closer and closer to orgasm, "I see your scars and want to hurt people. I can only say it because I know that you do not understand. And even now, when you close your eyes and come for me, do you think of him? "

Desi shouted, reaching for any part of him that he could touch. Every breath was a tortured moan and she soaked him with her wetness. "That's my girl, come for me. You are never more beautiful than at this instant, lost in this intensity." Crane whispered, granting a soft kiss to her knee.

Desi howled, digging her nails into the bed as she came. Her body trembled, and tears streamed from her eyes. Johnathan watched her as he continued, "If I have ever thought that you were still together, or that he had compromised you in a sense, I cannot imagine the things which I would do to you both. I would kill for you, Desi, but if you will ever betray me I would kill you with my bare hands."

Desi's body went limp, and as Crane brought his hands toward her face, she clutched them and kissed them over and over again. "That was absolutely amazing, Johnathan. I've never came before like that in my life." Crane smiled, "You did seem primed for it, I must say. What were you thinking of?"

Desi exhaled deeply, "Um, nothing really. I don't know. Maybe it was your incredible vocabulary." she pulled her head to his knee, "Please kiss me. Kiss me like I'm dying." Crane leaned down, slowly and deliberately kissing her, probing her mouth cautiously as she moaned softly.

He broke the kiss, leaning above her face and looking at her. She smiled up at him, "My handsome, talented, genius, loving, wonderful..." she said, "Did I mention handsome?" Crane looked down at her, "Don't forget scary." Desi made a mock serious expression, "Yes, mustn't forget scary."

He stood, and Desi lifted to a sit letting the oil seep into her newly softened skin. "What was all that stuff you said? You sounded so passionate, so serious." Desi asked. Crane flashed her a reassuring smile, "You know, just generic bedroom talk."
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