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In my vacation, there is problem...


I'm planning my trip, and everything is going really well, actually. However, there is one small hang up. I cannot seem to find a CS host for the 17th through the 21st of October. Even breaking that up isn't helping, so I'm posting to see if I have any friends or friends of friends who might host for a day or two in that period. I will be in London, so anyone in London who is game would be a lifesaver.

If you can, or know anyone, please send me a message or an email, or comment here.



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Sep. 11th, 2008 07:34 pm (UTC)
I wish I knew of someone over there...

What about a youth hostel if it would come down to not having a place for those couple of days? I've had friends do that while over there and even here in the states.

Best of luck, and good energy for finding a place!
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