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I was tagged by bad_obsessions

Once you have been tagged, you must write a blog with 10 random facts, things, goals, or habits about yourself. At the end choose 10 people to be tagged. You can not tag the person who tagged you.

1) I like listening to rap music while watching silent movies.

2) I tend to not find a man attractive until I see something in his character that is attractive personally. However, once that happens, I suddenly find most things about him attractive. (Cillian Murphy is a great example of this.)

3) I have severe insomnia, regularly going several day a wekk with no sleep at all.

4) Everything about my life will change next year.

5) My friends from my fanfic gave me the strength to make those changes. I don't think I could have without them.

6) The last book that made me cry was Kiss Me Like A Stranger by Gene Wilder. I cried for almost an hour, and I cannot tell you why.

7) Lately, when I think about love, I think about women. I say this worried because I don't want to oofend anyone, and I am not gay.

8) I have survived Cancer twice, but am petrified of being naked in front of another person, unless I don't like or care about the person's opinion.

9) I have six tattoos, and each one is personally relavant to a major experience in my life.

10) The only funerals I believe in or attend are for my obseesions. I call these 'Funeral for the Fascination' and they are entirely ritualistic, and with one exception, I hold them alone.

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