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Currently dashing the hopes of my parents.

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Disclaimer: If you aren't religious, or Christianity offends you, please do not read this. I don't mean to offend, and would rather disclude someone than type something that would bother him.

Michael is home for another week of rest. This is in part because his blood tests went well.

God- I do not ask you for much. I have survived much in my life and I don't blame you for my trials. But I am asking you wholeheartedly to PLEASE see my friend through this. He doesn't deserve to be this sick. I wouldn't ask for preferential treatment, but I don't know how many more of these he can take on. Please don't take my friend from me. They are so few to begin with and Michael is so special. And although I haven't been the stateliest of Christians, he has. I defend you and believe in spite of factors too numerous to mention here; please do not cast out one of your own in their time of need. Please.

I stand here as a person judged. I am shameproof.
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