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Nightclubbing we're nightclubbing, We're walking through town...

So Laura and I went out last night to the village, another quite different area of New York. We took the subway along the F line, which was beautiful because it wasn't underground, and there was an amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge at night. We walked along the area, Laura showing me many of her college stomping grounds and our first stop was one of the oldest bars in America : McSorley's Pub.

I listened to that story, but was a little unprepared for exactly what I was entering.

After having a few beers while standing, awesomely enough, we headed out and stopped for a light bite at Yaffa Cafe. This place was classic bohemia, with lights on the ceiling and highly decorative fabrics and patterns everywhere, and it never closes. Perfect place for young people or college kids. Not to mention, as we had the best hummus EVA, all they played was the Talking Heads. I'm sneaking a cot in there later today, as a matter-of-fact.

After snacking, we headed down to Times Square to see The Dark Knight, which Laura hadn't seen and I need half a reason to. OMG, I got to see it on actual film! Not that DLP bullshit we have, and I got to count the cigarette burns. Mad happiness ensured, and let me assure you, the 181st viewing is as good as the first. An example of my recent tipsy retardedness:

After the film, we headed back toward The Village and stopped for the most awesome pizza ever at a place called Joe's Pizza. I didn't take pics, but if you are curious, go dust off your copy of Spider-Man. This was the pizza shop Peter Parker was fired from, it was even shot there. No kidding, there was a line for a slice at 3AM. Sweet. So we sat in the park and ate, then we walked the area and Laura took me to some of the interesting parts, and told me about the history of the area.

This one is kind of for Brad, as it might offend my fam. No offense, anyone!

After the walk and random videoing, we took a cab home and chatted for a while before passing out after 5AM. An awesome night out, to be sure. I will really miss this soon.
Tags: bar crawl, laura, new york, tdk, vacation, vlog
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