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The Long Overdue Post, Part One

First things first: the flight

The flight was fantastic! They served a really yummy meal, I was given a bottle of wine (and a decent sized one as well, not a tiny single serve) and they showed a film I was dying to see that wasn't coming to America. It was called, The Edge of Love and had the ultrahot lovegod Cillian Murphy in it! I also didn't get sick, so good times.

Heathrow was interesting, but terminal 5 (where I arrived) is new, and just deserted. Like, 28 Days Later empty. Being in an empty airport is a little offputting, tbh. I stopped in the WC, and when I came out: no one. So, that was a bit creepy.

...and me in my jim-jams, talking about breakfast foods. A treat indeed.


Oct. 14th, 2008 10:40 am (UTC)
Wow cold pancakes, eh? I've had those before here in America, but not by design, hee hee. Glad to hear you're getting along and having a good time!