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In the iHead right now...

Just because I'm losing
Doesn't mean I'm lost
Doesn't mean I'll stop
Doesn't mean I'm in a cross

Just because I'm hurting
Doesn't mean I'm hurt
Doesn't mean I didn't get what I deserve
No better and no worse

I just got lost
Every river that I've tried to cross
And every door I ever tried was locked
Ooh-Oh, And I'm just waiting till the shine wears off...

You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one

And you'll be lost
Every river that you try to cross
Every gun you ever held went off
Ooh-Oh, And I'm just waiting till the firing stops
Ooh-Oh, And I'm just waiting till the shine wears off
Ooh-Oh, And I'm just waiting till the shine wears off
Ooh-Oh, And I'm just waiting till the shine wears off...



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Oct. 18th, 2008 11:54 pm (UTC)
You know, that is my favorite song by them. Sweet dreams and take care. Talk to you again soon.
Oct. 21st, 2008 01:01 am (UTC)
Hey, I just wanted to say that I loved your Desi/Joker - Desi/Crane fic.. I'm really far behind on LJ, but I've just finished reading all of them. I would've commented there, but I wanted to make sure you got the comment =)

I hear you're on vacation, hope everything is going well.

I wanted to say something else though, I'm not sure if you're interested in writing another fic, now or when you come back even. But I had this idea maybe, I suck at writing fics, and putting everything together, so I was gonna throw the idea towards you, and if you liked it I'd be honored if you'd maybe start another fic.. only if you liked the idea though..

It's about how the Joker became the Joker (Jack Napier), at first anyway, like he was working for Falcone, or owed Falcone money, and thats how he was scarred, and left for dead (I was gonna throw in a family who was murdered, or maybe just a wife), but a young girl comes across him, and saves him (I don't know where or how, like I said bad at putting thing together) the name I wanted to give her was Luna, 1) Because I wanted her to have some ties to the Falcone/Moroni family, being Italian, Luna is an Italian name meaning the Moon, and 2) because Luna is close to lunatic or lunacy, which fits.. but Luna, as Jack finds out is not very stable mentally and she's on medication, from Arkham (possibly under the care of Crane?) and then they start a relationship (possibly away from Gotham), but something happens to her to make him really lose it, and somewhere it ends there, him thinking shes dead.

Then start another fic, like the second part, which takes place after the Dark Knight, in which the Joker is now locked up in Arkham, but someone comes back to Gotham, and breaks the Joker out, and he learns it's her, and she came back after seeing the Joker on the news of whichever city shes in.

I dunno, the plot is there, it's just putting it together, and I suck at things like that, I hope you like the idea, I wanted to run it by you, to write it possibly, because you're the best fanfic writing I've seen in a while.

Have fun1
Oct. 27th, 2008 03:46 am (UTC)
timing sucks...
you'll never believe who's back in COlumbus...ohh come on..guess
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