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::raises glass to lamentation::

x. name = Ruby Renea Lee

x. birthday = 6 June 1984

x. piercing = none (ears closed)

x. tattoos = none

x. height = 5' 6''

x. shoe size = 12 wide

x. hair color = black (now)

x. length = very short.

x. pets = none


x. movie you rented = Big Night 1996 Stanley Tucci, Tony
Shalhoub (art film, some subtitles)

x. movie you bought = Almost Famous

x. song you listened to = lisahall - "Is This Real?"

x. song that was stuck in your head = Beautiful South - "Les Yeux Ouverts"

x. song you've downloaded = Percy Faith - "Theme From 'A Summer Place"

x. cd you bought = Various - "Opera for a Rainy Night"

x. cd you listened to = Original Broadway Cast Recording - "42nd Street"

x. person you've called = Kate

x. person that's called you = Reader's Digest

x. tv show you've watched = Late Night with Conan O'Brien

x. person you were thinking of: Brad

x. you have a crush on someone? = a long time...

x. you wish you could live somewhere else = right now, continuously

x. you think about suicide = every day (Because I was there, in that place, it crosses my mind every day. Usually, why I was there, how far I've come, or just to shiver and think of something else.)

x. you believe in online dating = TRUE love is too infrequent and valuable to limit to certain circumstances.

x. others find you attractive = i don't know

x. you want more piercings = no

x. you want more tattoos = no

x. you drink = no

x. you do drugs = no

x. you smoke = no

x. you like cleaning = the bathroom

x. you like roller coasters = very much

x. you write in cursive or print = depends, usually in print. I sign in cursive

x. you carry a donor card = always

for or against

x. long distance relationships = for - commitment is limitless, timeless, and everemcompassing

x. using someone = against. But I'm all about earned revenge

x. suicide = against. No one should EVER feel that way

x. killing people = if they've done something to warrant it, yes.

x. teenage smoking = I don't care for smoking, but I think the age thing (beyond 13 of course) is kind of stupid

x. doing drugs = Only if it helps the economy; and I don't have to pay to care of the dumbfucks that do it

x. premarital sex = Marriage is not love. And in a society where marriage is prohibited in cecumstances where love is appearant, premarital sex is essential. However, I am against irresponcible sex commited without love or respect for one another or it consequences.

x. driving drunk = Fuck no. That's attempted murder in my eyes. You do it enough, you will take a life eventually.

x. gay/lesbian relationships = Character is who we are in the dark. If you love someone, you love them or who they are and the rest is irrelevant.

x. soap operas = life is too short to watch soaps


x. food = Limes

x. song = Mine

x. thing to do = work

x. thing to talk about = old films and music

x. sports = powerbreathing (did you really just ask me that?)

x. drinks = hot tea

x. clothes = whatever's comfy (unless in ultrabitch mode)

x. movies = American Beauty, Dr. Strangelove, Psycho, the list continues...

x. band = Barenaked Ladies (musician = Elton John)

x. holiday = Christmas

x. car = one I'm not driving

have you...

x. ever cried over a girl = My mother

x. ever cried over a boy = Andrew

x. ever lied to someone = not in as long time

x. ever been in a fist fight = does it count if she didn't fight back?

x. ever been arrested = no


x. shampoo do you use = Head and Sholder Intense Treatment (Rx)

x. cologne = Obsession for Men

x. shoes do you wear = Dr. Scholls

x. are you scared of = failure


x. of times I have been in love? = twice, and it killed me

x. of times I have had my heart broken? = four times. My father, my mother, and two guys who don't love me and never did. I learned my lesson

x. of hearts I have broken? = None. No one cries over spilled perfume.

x. of boys I have kissed? = ZERO

x. of girls I have kissed? = none

x. of men I've slept with? = none

x. of girls I've slept with? = none

x. of continents I have lived in? = one

x. of drugs taken illegally? = none

x. of people I would classify as true, could trust with my
life type of people? = 3, Andrew, Kate, Brad

x. of people I consider my enemies? = I don't have enemies, I just have people I no longer consider

x. of people from high school that I stayed in contact with? = few

x. of cd's that I own? = 300+

x. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = Four

x. of scars on my body? = That's none of your business

x. of things in my past that I regret? = one. That I hurt someone who cared for me.
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