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Weekend Music Post #1

Here's a brief, ten song comp for your weekend. All are new mashups that I hope you enjoy!

Counting Bodies Like Sheep REMIX So. Fucking. Awesome.

Rihanna vs. New Order - How does it feel to shut up and drive?

Stevie Wonder vs. Mariah Carey - Uptight (we belong together)

Weezer - Morgoth's Buddy Holly Mix

Motorhead vs. Gorillaz - Ace of Spades Feels Good

Justin Timberlake vs. Aretha Franklin - My Deeper Love

Coldplay vs. The Police - Put on the Red Light

Commoderes vs. Oasis - Easywall

Flo Rida vs. Katy Perry - Katy Got Low

Rick Astley vs Nirvana - Never Gonna Give Up Teen Spirit
Tags: dotd, weekend music post
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