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Happy Birthday

Motor cars, handle bars
Bicycles for two
Broken hearted jubilee
Parachutes, army boots
Sleeping bags for two
Sentimental jamboree

Buy buy
Says the sign in the shop window
Why why
Says the junk in the yard

Candlesticks, building bricks
Something old and new
Memories for you and me

Buy buy
Says the sign in the shop window
Why why
Says the junk in the yard.
-Junk by Paul McCartney

November is an abysmal month, symbolic of the delicate and inevitable decay that must follow the blush of spring. A slow reminder that loss is not easy, and even as graceful as nature purveys, change is a painful and soul nourishing endeavor. If we can ever hope to truly evolve, we must master the tender art of accepting the things that have come to an end and face bravely the opportunity of new growth.

Dearer still are those things which endure the changes of the season. The late bloomers, the winter blossoms which wait in ceaseless grace as the lilies die away at first cold snap. These are the elements of life which inspire us, comfort us, and leave us feeling loved. It is this element which makes the sometimes unfathomable loss which comes at this time worth the effort.

Those are precious, and that is why we celebrate them.
You are, which is why I do.

I love you D. Hope your day is a special one.


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Nov. 27th, 2008 12:43 am (UTC)
Awe, thank you! You're too sweet!

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