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Philosophy vs. Manifesto

- The Terrorist’s Manifesto
I, although I will never admit it, have an extremely weak soul. All I need is a corrupt leader to tell me what to think, who to be, and who to kill. I have been called heartless, but my heart remains true to my leader. I will step over my own mother’s body to murder, rape, and slaughter who I’m told. I'm a pawn in someone else's war. You will not pick me out of a crowd, for I am everyone. I am your neighbor, employer, doctor, or lawyer. I am your mother, your celebrity, your pilot. I’m an American, an Afghan, a politician. I am made beautiful in the name of my creator, all I have to do is kill you. I will have my way. See this? This knife behind your infant’s back? I’m going to rule the world, just keep quiet for me. Huh? Ssshhh


I am justice. I am the selfless whole which composes the body of the righteous. I kneel to help your wounded. I rise to defend your meek. I am the face of my people. I am the voice of peace. I am the brave, and I am the strong. I am the one who brings balance. I am the one who turns the tide. I embrace the diverse, yet remain the united. My heart simply remains true. I am the mother before me. I am the son who isn't yet. I can be anything, and I am beautiful because I exist. I am unique in all the world. I am above violence, I see you in truth. I may have lost the battle, but the war is, and will always be mine. So remain in the darkness; indeed step lightly. For wherever liberty's light shines, tyranny must run. I am he; they are we. I am democracy.

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