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If what you are doing fails to bring you joy, stop right now.

Here it is. The entire homosexual debate in one photograph. What some cannot comprehend and other cannot explain elegantly, displayed simple enough for a child to understand.

I love this picture. I love everything about it - that the chairs don't match, the odd person in the background, and you almost feel that you've stumbled in on an intimate moment instead of looking at a photograph. We get so bogged down and tired and hurt and angry and distracted in the battle that sometimes we forget, but it really is simple:

If this picture moves you, either in warming your heart or disgusting you, THAT is your opinion of the homosexual debate.

Furthermore, that reaction is yours entirely. Homosexuality in America is, like this photo, a truth that is universal and will never go away.

That's it. Simple, when you think of it. It's when you start thinking that reaction gives you license in action that problems start. My apologies to Ellen - this shouldn't be about her. She doesn't want to be known for being gay, she wants to be known for being funny. She wants what we all hope to have - to be successful, to be happy, to love and be loved. I will admit though, I am grateful to have this photograph. It shows honest-to-goodness happily ever after, and does so effortlessly. It shows that the want we all have to be accepted and loved is universal. It's truth. If you don't see that, then the flaw is you.

See? Simple.
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