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Currently dashing the hopes of my parents.

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Will provide witty conversation and ample company for food.....

Well, Al hired the new overnight guy. This is cool, but I expected to work next week. Now I'm a little in debt.

</b>Like the Hoover Dam traps a little water.</b>

I can get myself out of it, I'm pretty sure. If I don't eat until December. I hate not having money you thought you were going to have.

I'm moving out in October, which is very important. I hope to have a housewarming party so you guy's can see the place. But that puts rent into the whole scenario. Things are going to get tough for a little while. here that Anjelica? I'm crashing your place for dinner at least twice a week.

It's crazy how a little money can put you behind so quickly. Go figure.

I DO need another roommate for the house, also. That would help immensely. So far, I'm saving spaces for Celeste and for Michael, but I have room for one more. If you know anyone, let me know. It only $200 a month, utilities included, which is great for the newly graduated. (not to be bias, but I am preferably looking for a girl, or an open-minded male.)

My phone is temporarily disconnected. If you need me, please call me at the station or e-mail me and I'll try to get back to you asap.

By the way, Anjelica, I will be ready at 6:30 for the play on Friday. If you just come over, I'll be ready. Since you can't call and everything.

Well, that's all that's new. Thanx for reading to me whine for a few moments. Talk to you soon and take care of yourselves.
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