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Non Compos Mentus, Part Six

The Final Desdemona Story, Chapter Six
Story Title: Non Compos Mentus Part Six
Summary: How do you make a villain legitimate? You give him a lab coat.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily
Rating: R
Disclaimer: These characters arent all mine. I just play with them sometimes.
Author Notes: This one is dedicated to my muse, [info]jokerluv and to all the people who have been patient over the months. Thank you so very much!

Desi snapped awake suddenly, pulling against the leather straps which secured her arms to the bed as she looked around the ceiling. The room was bright, and she could hear movement and other patients around her. Desi acknowledged she should be upset or even perhaps worried as to she was told and her last meeting, but she was plagued with worry concerning what the Joker might know. Relax she told herself, He isn't stupid. He's not going to just believe anything he hears. He'll come to see me and I'll straighten everything out. Desi lay her head back onto the cot and sighed, closing her eyes in a desperate attempt to quiet her mind. It was the jarring of the cot that woke her as she was pulled from the hospital and down the hall. Desi simply lay there, watching the scenery change and empting her head of the dread of whatever was coming.

The cot rolled into an empty exam room and locked as it stopped. The orderlies went immediately to work, swabbing Desi's forehead and checking her straps. To her surprise, the door opened and the Director himself stepped in. He said nothing, looking over the orderlies and walking past Desi to work beyond her sight. "Anthony House?" Desi asked low. The director turned and looked down at her. "You know I tell everyone that I'm writing a peice on you." he commented coolly, "A medical paper. People buy it, I mean the notoriety of a published peice on Desdemona Crane..." He trailed away, prepping a shot and walking to her arm. "It would almost be worth it too if it weren't for all the money I am making in this little enterprise. You are a lady that many pay handsomely to know is suffering." The director administered the shot, "You must be so proud, to be so hated by so many."

Desi blinked away thick tears. "Is that more insulin?" she asked, her voice cracking slightly. The Director looked into her eyes for a long moment before saying flatly, "No." He pulled upright and walked back to his machine. Desi felt mildly woozy, and struggled to focus as he touched her face and placed a mouthguard at her lips. Desi accepted it, her mind growing cloudy. "Now that's a girl." he said, waving the orderlies from the room. They looked at one another before filing out and leaving them alone. "Just between us." he asked, "What is it like to maim and kill children?" Desi stared up at him, biting down on the mouthguard silently. "I mean, this experient with's Godlike." The Director laughed, "Is that how it felt for you all those times?" Desi stared at him with cold eyes, emotionless. The Director stroked her hair as his expression grew solemn. "You wouldn't know Godlike would you? After all, you're soulless and evil and must be helped." The Director flipped a switch an there was a mild high pitched tone filled the room. The last thing Desi saw was the Director's face as he loomed over her. "Don't worry." he assured, "It'll all be over soon."

Meanwhile, the Joker paced around the common room, his eyes lingering on the young woman who stood staring up at the corner television. On the screen was static, yet the girl stared unflinching as he approached her. "I hate reruns." he commented, mildly amused. The girl blinked once slowly but held her stare. The Joker rolled him eyes, sighing slowly. "So..." he began, cutting the silence, "What brings you to Arkham?" He studied her curiously. She couldn't be much older than Matilda, and if she were a criminal he would know it. The girl's eyes darkened and lowered from the screen, settling out at nothing in particular. "My daddy put me here." she said softly, "because of that day." The Joker furrowed his brow, trying to understand as she turned suddenly to face him. "My daddy stops the bad people, that's why they came that day." she said sharply. Her voice raised and her tone sharpened, and she took a step toward the now intrigued Joker. "But he's coming back for me - he is!" she demanded, more to convince herself. The Joker shrugged, nodding in mock compliance.

"He just has to get the bad people, to stop them first. Then he'll be back for me! You'll see!" she protested to no one. She began to pull at her hair and seize mildly and the Joker watched gratified at the results 'bad people' have. A nurse rushed over to the scene and looked at the Joker disapprovingly. "What did you do to her?" the nurse asked angrily. The Joker showed his palms in indifferent compitulation. "She was crazy when she got here." he offered laughingly. The nurse turned to the young woman and rubbed her shoulders calmingly. "Come along Miss House, let's go back to your room so you can rest." The Joker blink hard as he heard the name and immediately recognized it. He howled with laughter as she walked slowly away, and several watched him as he wiped tears from his eyes and caught his breath only to lapse into laughter again. "House, of course!" he hooted, "That's priceless! Of course it would be House's kid." The Joker flopped down as she left the room and his sight, "What a punchline!"

Desi saw a blinding flash as the pain surged through her. Her teeth clenched on the guard and she saw herself, years before as she stood over the lifeless body of a little boy. All at once images of that day in the daycare flooded her mind, one after another. Flash after flash she saw hand weild the skillet and she saw child after child fall at her feet. The sensation ceased and her body twitched involuntarily before another round coursed through her. Desi's eyes rolled back in her head and in her head boomed the name Anothony House She lay there as her seizing slowed, her mind filling with every detail of that day and her attack on the District Attourney...and his daughter. Desi searched her mind to remember the girl's name from nineteen years before. She found herself overwealmed as the cart was unlocked and she whimpered softly as her head lay against the cot. "You rest now Harriet." the Director said, stroking her hair, "Certainly you knew this would happen someday. You can't very well go around harming anyone you please. You'll learn that in time." The Director sighed, "With more treatment, you will learn."

The director stood in the main hall wiping his perspiring hands with his hankerchief as the carted Desi down the hall and back to the hospital wing. He pocketed the hankercheif as he noticed Johnathan Crane coming up the hall waving to him. "Doctor!" he called, picking up his pace to join him. "Dr. Crane." the director said warmly, shaking his hand, "What a nice surprise. My old mentor came to visit." Crane nodded agreeably, returning his hands to his pockets. There was an uncomfortable silence for a brief couple of moments before Crane rolled on his heels and casually asked, "So, how is treatment coming with Desdemona?" The director playfully punched Crane in the shoulder, "Of course! How stupid of me, of course you would want to know about your ex-wife." Crane's forehead wrinkled and he said quietly, "We haven't actually divorced actually." The director stopped cold, looking on him with mock sympathy. "You mean you don't know? The state had that annulled, as you were both wards and she had to be remanded." Crane looked at the floor, "I had heard that." he said flatly.

The director smirked smugly as Crane's face washed over with bitterness and he grew quiet. "I'd just..." he started, "I'd like to see her. I know my wife, and I'd just like to make sure she's ok." The director thought about it for a moment before smiling. "Certainly she's ok, Dr. Crane. She's getting treatment. Treatment that I'm afraid might be jeopardised by a visit at this time." The director patted him on the back, "You understand. After all, you used to be a doctor yourself." Crane looked harshly at him. "You'll never get through to her as long as he is around." Crane replied, "Believe me, I am living proof." The director laughed, steering the conversation as he began walking down the hall slowly. "Dr. Crane, we are professionals here. Our very first step in treating Miss Morton was removing elements which aggitated her condition." Crane looked at him, "She's using her real name?" he asked. The director smiled, "She is willfull, but we are seeing progress." The director stopped by the sign-in office and turned to Crane, "Tell you what, one professional to another, you go ahead and make an appointment and I will arrange a visit with Miss Morton. Perhaps it will open up some feeling that we can explore in treatment."

Crane looked hopefully as the director turned to the sing-in nurse and instruced her to setup a family session with Harriet Morton. "Just get the information from the nurse and we'll be seeing you in a week or so." Crane shook his hand gratefully, turning to give her information as the director walked away briskly. "Moron." he muttered under his breath, turning down the hall to his office.

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