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Doctorin' the TARDiS Part 2: Time keeps on slipping, slippin slippin..

Heya Whovians!

Im back with another installment in my remodel of Stephen's office. The next stage in this project is the wall art, and any project like this has a few elements that take it from the mundane to the truly epic. There needs to be a good balance between well made art an items in step with the medium and new, original art and pieces which tie everything together. Its the details that really bring a project to life.

So this weekend, I oredered some badass Doctor Who posters, which with some nice matting and frames will turn out quite nice and a custom made clock to add to the room. This post will show you how to make my tardis clock, should you ever want one yourself. If you are flush and lazy, message me and I'll gladly make you one for a fee.

OK - first things first, designing the face.

I saw a neat clock that a fabulous gal named rock-chik898 which seemed like a neat idea, but wasnt quite what a had in mind. I wanted something a bit more ominous, and also something more substansial as a piece of furniture.

For measure her's is pretty damn cool, and if you've got $50, you should give it a go. On to my own, allons-y!

First of all, I work in GIMP (google it) and I love it. All you really need is a little creativity, time to commit, and I cannot stress enough the importance of progressive saves to create damn near anything. The Following are mine, starting with a stock photo of stars and using the WS simple Gallifreyan font for gimp. This can be found easily online.

Here is the album of images for each draft of my clock face

Once editing is done (or if you want to steal mine) i suggest sending it to Kinkos to be printed up on some nice heavy paper.

Next, I picked up some craft supplies - a 15 inch Ponderosa Panel pine circle, a couple of bottles of Apple Barrel Paint (black and bright green), a small tub of glitter paint, one bag of small glass decorative chips, Aleene's craft tacky glue, and a bottle of bioluminescent paint.

I've already ordered a small clock making kit, also sold in bookstores. Using a small power drill and rotary tool, I drilled out a space into the wood to affixed clock mechanism into the wood.

Then I painted the wood black, watered down a little Aleene's craft tacky to adhese the clock face. I used the glitter paint to line the seam of the face to the wood, and then used the glow paint and the green pain to mist fine droplets to tie in the face to the wood mount. Letting it dry, I'm left with the final product.

:: drum roll please ::

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