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Well, I'm just pissing EVERYONE off today

Ok. I need a few day s to sort this out in my mind. It all hit me at once, and I was reeling from it a bit. For the record: I cried for the sake of all of you Saturday.

Oh, Where to begin?????

I have given a name to my pain. That name is John. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!! It's real simple, asshole. When you live in a place, you pay for it. I am about goddamn tired of hearing about you taking MY friend (yeah, Andrew MY friend a damn site more than he is yours) for granted. Settle out your debts, and get the Hell out of everyones life. You not bringing anything to the table, and no one is better because you are here.

Andrew: Be a man and kick him out already!!!!!!! At this stage in the game, the fault isn't completely his. That's all I'm saying.

Michael is home. I don't know where this is going, but I have prayed until I ache for it. I don't know where we're going from here, but I'm indifatigable in my ability to stand by my friends. I am weary, but I'm all right. I'm not giving this up, and I want to say to everyone that has told me to accept the 'truth' - I'm glad you're not the ones he is depending on.

Anjelica: If you aren't happy, something is wrong. It not going to change, or miraculously get better. You need to decide what is most important and set your heart to that. People who are doubtless do not lament the way you do. And frankly, I don't know how I'm ever going to be able to look at Donnie in a respectful light ever again. The decision is yours, and I will stand behind you not matter what. Time to make one.

Ryno: I want to be there a lot more than I can be. For the record, You deserve so much more. You deserve a dynamic, artistic, intelligent, outspoken survivor who can give you a run for your money. You need someone who can meet you halfway. Until you find that utterly deserving someone, have fun and be young and brilliant. You'll get there.

Aimee: You are an adult. It is your responcibility to make the decisions of your life. It is your job to weight the pros and cons, see the road ahead as well as the present, and make a choice. I will be here for you, but you need to stand on your own two feet. And for GOD'S sake, sever the connection to all this deadweight drama that is holding you down.

Kate: Take things more seriously. You miss the great beauty in life because you are staring too closely at the canvas. If you want to be an adult, then stop being someone's child. Learn to carry your own weight.

Brad: Thank you for being the only constant in my life. I love you.

Well, I'm spent. I am about to go into a full-on, screaming battle when I move into this house. Some of my friends should learn he policy of give and take. Others need to fix what's broken and move on. Either way, I'm still standing, I'm still here, and I always will be. Call on me if you are in need, but learn to take care of yourselves.
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