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Free at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty, I'm free at last !

I moved.

I now live in my own home.

and my place is easy to spot. It's that one where everyone can be himself. Where the general atmosphere calls for confortability. It's that place that had people standing outside waiting only two nights after I moved in. It's that place that does not judge, is filled with good humor, that loves company and believes that we must cling to one another if we are to survive life's many attempts to pull us apart.

it is what I never had.

I have been here - WCGQ - since 10 PM Friday night. Sparing a short nap on the office couch, I'm very tired and hungry. I get to go home Sunday night. I'm going to change into very confortable pjs and climb into a bed that's so big that it makes me feels small. I'm going to sleep. There are no phones, no telemarketers, no messages to take. When I wake up, there will be coffee and bagels, and I will be in my own space.

it is what i never had.

I still have a lot of moving to do. In all likelyhood, sounding off at Kate has her too angry at me to speak to me at all. Hence, no moving as per planned. Can't say I blame her, really. It needed to be said.

I don't have a phone yet so call my mother's house if you need me. I'll get the message when I'm getting the kid. If it can wait, call me at work. I'll be here from Friday night to Sunday Night, respectively.

If you want to visit, no call is necessary. When the wind moves you, come on over. My friends are always welcome (Except this Sunday - didn't you read the above? You desturb that and we're gonna tangle. Seriously).

That is all that's going on with me. A lot of housecleaning, kid watching, and self satisfaction at the end of the day.

You should see what I see
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