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ahhh, neighbors.

Lolasenvy: So get this: Michael has some friends at the house last night, right?
JudeBennett107Q: uh huh
Lolasenvy: They're on the porch smoking, because I asked they don't smoke in the house
JudeBennett107Q: right....
Lolasenvy: MAVIS sees this and has a fit. This is at !1:30 last night
JudeBennett107Q: yeah, AND???
Lolasenvy: she calls my mom, my grandmother, and tells them she just going to have to call the police
Lolasenvy: ::sorry, slow typer::
JudeBennett107Q: because people are sitting on the porch and smoking outside?????
Lolasenvy: so mom calls me, because she told Mavis it was none of her business what happens at MY house
JudeBennett107Q: Krishna H. Vishnu, get that woman a vibrator with a kick start on it!
JudeBennett107Q: no kidding
Lolasenvy: I called my grandmother to smooth everything out, call Michael to get the full story (like i needed it)
Lolasenvy: then I called Mavis
JudeBennett107Q: OH BOY!!!! :;leans in intently::
Lolasenvy: I told her that that person sitting on MY porch was my roomate. He is legally allowed to smoke and since it's technically his house too, he isn't breaking curfew
Lolasenvy: ...and that if she can't mind her own business, then I'll sue her for harrassment
JudeBennett107Q: YOU GO GIRL!!!!!
Lolasenvy: That i am perfectly capable of taking care of my own affairs, and I'd appreaciate her not annoying the hell out of my grandmother
Lolasenvy: i was SO pissed off earlier
JudeBennett107Q: :-D
Lolasenvy: Michael's apologizing all over the place because he didn't want me to get in trouble and because he didn't think had done anything wrong
JudeBennett107Q: and he hadn't!
JudeBennett107Q: Mavis just has no life and needs something to pick as the daily scandal is all
Lolasenvy: i told him not to worry about it - let her call the police. We're on our porch, we're 18, and that house is bone dry. Just try to find something to pin on me.
Lolasenvy: how will that look when i convey my problems with her
Lolasenvy: to the cop
JudeBennett107Q: exactly

JudeBennett107Q: it's not as though you're running a brothel... well, on second thought....
Lolasenvy: and the best part: my grandmother doesn't give a damn
JudeBennett107Q: lol
JudeBennett107Q: of course not
JudeBennett107Q: where is it?
Lolasenvy: it isn't a brothel unless you're selling it. Ain nothin' wrong with whoring
JudeBennett107Q: her house i mean
JudeBennett107Q: trye dat, truuuuue....
Lolasenvy: three doors down from mine
JudeBennett107Q: *true
Lolasenvy: she 'collect' my grandmother's mail - which is an excuse to see what she's getting.

I'm going to tell her that's no longer necessary. If she touches the mail coming to my house, then my smoke breaks will be the least of her concerns.
JudeBennett107Q: see? you know it!
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