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danm people, damn youth, damn long days and late nights, damn good life

Mavis is still giving me indigestion. Bitch.

So, Michael is moving in this weekend. Squee! I'm going to have a roomate at long last. Guess that means no more orgies (doesn't have casual sex my ass). Anyway, my mom had a bitch fit over my nightly parties. 'the embittered AARP patron' keeps calling her. I'll handle her soon enough. Never did like that cat of hers.

*evil grin*

Ehhh. Anyway, been watching the kid all week. Supposed to see AL this weekend. Yay. The guys have been over to the house alot lately. It's been cool.

On a more vindictive note, saw Ryan last night. He showed up with Stephanie, and I must say it was real fucking validating to be seeing him as an adult, surrounded by my friends, talking about my home. I wouldn't even look him in the eye. he's beneath me.

I've been a lot happier than I've been in the past. I'm painting my room red, and really making that space my own. I can't wait to get the clocks. If anybody has a clock that they don't want, I collect them.

Grandma is getting the rest of her stuff out of the house tomorrow. If you want to come over, be on your best behavior. No setting anything on fire or general destruction while the straits are present.

I hope you're having fun, Andrew. Tell Jennie I said hello.

That's all for now. Try not to sink into too great a depth of dramatic nonsense this week.

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