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The Most Wonderful *sniff, sniff Time of the Year

It’s November, ladies and gentlemen! Cold weather, great food, and Christmas…MANALIVE do I love this time of the year! I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping, and I can hardly wait to give everyone their gifts!

The past couple of weeks have been great. All of my friends have been at the house, and our Halloween party was the most fun had by near conscious druggies staring at ceiling fans. I love have you all in my home. Michael and Celeste are the most wonderful roommates, and I adore their friends. I was awake the entire week and as a result, I have a bit of a cold.

Anjelica is in detox, so she probly isn’t going to read this, but I’m still thinking of you. If you need anything, you know where I am. Only 55 days to go !!!!!!

Man, November. I love winter. I can’t wait to have Thanksgiving at the house. You are all invited to eat and watch the Godfather with us!!!!

And you just wait until Christmas! My whole house is going smell like pecan pie and sound like Bind Crosby. I can’t wait to decorate my tree! Oh, I am so excited! And then…NEW YORK!!!!!

I am so happy, even though I feel horrible. I hope you are all well. Come by and say hello, why don’t you.
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