March 26th, 2003

you stupid republican bitch

I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in, And stops my mind from wandering, Where will it go?

I'm digging a hole
so I can fall away
from everything I love
I'm pushing you away
so you can't can't see it
when I jump
I've painted myself blurry
so as to deny
all those things I clearly hide
Just understand
I'm digging this hole
to be away from you
Because you broke me down
Because you so enjoyed
my meaning nothing to you
Because you walked away with every idea
how bad it hurt inside
because you just walked out on me
And no one's pain is like your own
none is so refined
Aren't you the strong one
Don't you feel smart
you broke me down
so I never had the chance to love you
For is anything more frightening?
So I'm digging a hole
for my heart to lie in
because I'd been burned before
Because that pain that only you fathom having had
is what keeps me company now
Now live in justification
while you hang out with your crowd
you only killed what you never had
what should you miss it now?
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