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July 4th, 2003

and now, as always...

This is tradition for me. I do two thing every fourth: I watch
"The Twilight Zone" until my eyes fall out and I place the list. It's rather personal, but what meaningful isn't.

It's July 4th everyone. Independence Day. A day when I like to remember why I'm proud to be an American. In my meager 19 years, I owe a great deal to America. Because I'm a woman, I owe my education, my republicanism, my idealism, and my right to happiness to America. Because I am a teenager, I owe my vast carelessness, my industriousness, my tendency to be bitchy and trite and overdramatic, my companionship, my dreams and the means to chase them, and my happiness to America. Because I am someones child, I owe my memories, my traditions, my novelty, and my safety to America. Because I am someone's friend and someone is mine, I owe my fortune, my joy, my idle moments on Saturday nights, my tears, my smiles, and my happiness to America. Because I am an AMERICAN, I owe everything I am and everything I will ever be to America. I owe these things to everyone who gave their time, energy, possessions, their very lives so that I may exist everyday not searching for them. I owe these things to the people who will one day live in the America I MUST maintain. EVERYTHING that I can possibly hope to become, every dream I have, is because I was fortunate enough to have been born free. And no statement, no matter how heartfelt, can ever make full known how appreciative I am in this moment. For neighbors I may never see, for hassels that I am lucky enough to loathe, for every moment where it is my decision to live in it, God Bless America


you stupid republican bitch
Currently dashing the hopes of my parents.

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