September 3rd, 2006

you stupid republican bitch

May I be remembered as warmly...but I doubt it.

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you stupid republican bitch

busier than a whore in a phallic factory.

Whew! Today.

Gotta Do laundry, take a shower, see Amber, go have dinner for my little bro's 6th birthday, come back, see brad, go swimming, clean the fucking apartment, and drag Amber back to the APT.

...and it's CI Sunday. There is no God.

So much for rest. Funny enough, I'm a little upset about something someone wrote today. I'm not entirely sure why I still read his journal, and I am certain he wouldn't care that he offended, but it was just the wrong time for me to have seen that comment. Context, it is everything.

So, can't wait to see everyone tonight.