December 22nd, 2008

Harvey Milk

Making the Day Count....

Making a Plan
I don't believe in God. Trees, gifts, magical snowmen and singalongs are a way to pass happy times, but nothing more. My Christmas is about family and the people we love, and often my dearest are the family I chose. Those people I would get right in the trenches and die for. Those people I know would do the same for me. This is why I will be spending the most special day with anyone who will join me, seeing "Milk."

The plan is a simple one. I am going to the 7:10 PM screening of "Milk" at the Carmike 15 and would love to get as many people together that might want to go or might not have plans on the
day. The film is tremendous, and if we come together we can help preserve its place in the theater for the future. Also, it would give us an opportunity to see and get to know new people.

Anyone is invited, and no RSVP is necessary, but if you'd like to comment or possibly meetup, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, please spread the word to as many people as you can, and encourage them to spread the word.

Some Resources for Harvey and the film "Milk"

Brad explaining Harvey better than I ever could
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Harvey Milk 22 May 1930 - 27 November 1978
30 years...and just as important today.

COPY & REPOST:(no worries, the religious stuff is omitted)