April 3rd, 2012

...and you're busy blogging

Doctorin' the TARDiS Step 1 - Concept and before shots

So, Stephen and I are talking, and he was talking about how he'd like to do a remodel but he's 'complete rubbish' at decoration. This got my wheels turning, so I asked him,

"If you could have anything, what would you have? I mean anything."

He responds, "A Doctor Who pinball machine."

This seems like he's not really tapping into the spirit of anything. He deserves better than just a pinball machine (althought you know I'm getting that pinball machine) so I suggested a TARDiS office. Being a first generation Whovian, he was totally on board, so I got to work planning. Here's round one of preparation, in case anyone might like to see them:

First, the magnificent inspiration:

Now, the before shot:

and my first concept art:

Thoughts? Questions? Leave a comment, and I'll respond.
once im back from the printer, I'll post part 2!