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No, I'm not dead...

Here @ work; pretty bored. Thought I'd update and let you all know that I am alive. Let's see...what to talk about.

I cut my hair. It's really short. I like, and most people seems to (not that I give a damn, but you know.)

Michael's moving out. It's cool, and we aren't angry or anything. It is worth mentioning I guess.]

I'm sweet on this guy I met. He's really cute, and he smells great too. With any luck he doesn't consider me a complete leper. Yet.

I've lost 27 pounds. That's like, Dennis. Seriously, between the inability to sleep, massive coke addiction, and abundance of promiscuous sex, the pounds are just melting away.

Working my ass off lately. Lots of hours coming my way. Makin' that money, you know it.

Oh yeah, a good friend hates me all-of-the-sudden. I think it's one of those association things. I really don't mean any harm, but I'm trapped in the middle. I hope said person knows that.

Thanksgiving is going on at my house today. I made two cold platters that would make you cry. We have all baked up a storm, and it's going to be great.

So you know, Christmas will be celebrated at my house on December 23 at about 7 pm. There will be a tree, gift exchange, and there will be a light service. Think snacks, cold platters, and drinks. If you want to bring something, let me know.

Oh, and for Anjelica: 32 days until we go to the most beautiful, exciting, interesting, mammoth, dense, and amazing place in the world. I can't wait to show my favorite place on the planet. Say it with me: Manship's Prometheus

Take care and have a wonderful holiday season!!!!!!!
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