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Holding my breath? Hey, good idea!

I sounded off for the first time in a long one today. Don't throw the confetti or reek of heavy sigh. I didn't do it to gratify ANYONE. I did it because I was hurt and thought I had the right to say it. Despite the recent use of this establishment, it was designed to be a journal. I'm not going to apologize for anything I write in my journal.

Jennie is right on her last point. It would be real fucking nice if there weren't any drama right now. However, at this stage in the game, everyone would have to step back, deal with their own personal prejudices and demons, and bury a great deal of the past. Most people aren't ready to do that.

To state my belief and to better equipped myself for the above, I should plainly state that I am not overtly angry at ANYONE. I am not on anyone's side. Period. I want all my friends because I treasure them. I wish they could bury their strife and appreciate each other more.

My recent remarks were made because I wanted to reassess that I was on no side and that I was afraid that I was losing friends because of misconceptions. I don't want to lose anyone.

I truly believe that this will see itself out. I hope that it can be done with as little damage as possible. Remember what friendship means, people. Realize what ego, self-righteousness, and pride are costing you.

and I'm spent.
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