Currently dashing the hopes of my parents. (lolasenvy) wrote,
Currently dashing the hopes of my parents.

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You know, I'm really an optimistic person. But it can be hard not to bitch this much. Friday Kate mentioned that she hadn't taken her prozac in a week, to my applause. Michael chided her. I can respect his point. Skipping meds isn't a good thing. However, if you're inordinately unhappy, then you're just paying attention. I'm actually a very happy person, until everyone else gets involved.

I suppose I shouldn't complain so much. I hope Jude is ok. He's going to a funeral today. Remember Jude, all your geek and pedophile friends on the internet are thinking of you.

My mother and father are going insane lately about little things that shouldn't matter. I woke up today and my father calls to ask me not to forget what my mom called to ask me to do. This is ridiculous. Then I wake up to my brother and his troop of friends playing tag upstairs. Where is my damn floss? I just need to get it over with so I can go to New York.

Well, nothing else in my pointless existence. I need a hobby. Perhaps I should take up examining the patterns of existence in stupid people. I miss my caffeine.
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