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I really believe this

This is what life is like. This is how things are.

Life is like a department store.

Some sections are full of the ultra rare. They are things that everyone would like to own, but not everyone can afford. If you can afford them, you probly won't treat them the way they should be treated. Few people care for these properly, and those who really would don't get the chance often.

Another section is the shiny and new items. The items that may be nice to look at, but don't serve any real purpose at all. There are an awful lot of these types of things. They require little maintainance, are easily replaced, and tend not to match ANYTHING that really serve your purpose.

Then there's the section my mom frequents. The practical section. The section full of the stuff that serves lots of uses, and is usually very beneficial to the shopper. It's comfortable and nice, and fits all your other stuff. It the sort of thing that if you pass it up, you may never find it again. Lots of stuff in this section.

There's that section by the register where the broken and cheapies go. It ain't the prettiest, fastest, or the best. Hey, you get what you pay for. Ironically enough, these are picked up all the time. I think its because they're always near the exits or the registers.

Then there's that other section. The bargain basement. These are things that started in the ultra rare and and frequent sections, but for whatever reason get passed over again and again. And again. So not it sits in the basement, marked lower than it really should be, waiting for whoever is moved to look around her section. This is the place that holds the charmingly impractical, the hopelessly committed, and all those things we like to think we really appreciate but we always refute.

That's how I feel right now.

By the way, Mr. Walls has cancer. And I set my house on fire. Whatever.
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