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I will not waste chalk. I will not waste chalk. I will not w...

Had a staff meeting today at 10 am. The Problem? I woke up at 10:05. Have you ever brushed your teeth while running. I don't recommend it. Of course, I don't recommend running either. So Mr. McClure talked for a bit about importance of the client (snore) and professional behavior in the van. It's hard to behave professionally when nothing in the van actually works. Also, Alek seems to hate me all of the sudden. I don't know what I did wrong, but all the friendly respect he once has turned bitter. Everything I do he finds fault in, and I frankly getting very tired of his constant badgering. If he wants to be a father, then he should have a child. My entire life has been surrounded by family who berates me. I refuse to listen to it at work. Anyway, everyone is going to El Vaquero tonight for the "Jam and Cram." Mmmm...watching people act like idiots for a mediocre prize, add a margarita and I'm so there.

Kate and I are supposed to go to the movies tomorrow. Then we're going to make some CDs and head to Aimee's to spend the night. I miss talking to Aimee and at this point, I'm sure Kate has had about enough of me. I wonder how Jennie's visit is going. Personally, I don't understand how anyone beyond Mephistopheles could look forward to coming here. I guess having a great guy makes you see the silver lining in the dullest clouds. I'm really happy for them.

I'm also happy for Ryno. I heard some great things about the wedding and I hope you are having the time of your life. You deserve the best, and I'm certain you have found it.

The only other news in my life right now is that Al liked my tape and gave me two hours on both nights this weekend. Hopefully, this will turn out promising! Everyone cross your fingers!
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