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I came, I saw, I conquered

Well, the toughest part is over for now. Went in this morning at 10 to see my doctor. He put me on a new cocktail, ::rolls eyes:: which means I have seven (yeah - 7) new medications and four new cremes for my body. Then it was time for the injection. They immobilized me, and explained the whole process. Seems the needle they have to use is textured to pierce caltilage, how fun. Then he explains the importantce of my stillness, and what kind of pain to expect. Doc then asks why the sudden change of heart about a procedure I was once so against. So I told him some people can give vanity new inportance. That I would do whatever it takes to rid myself of this stigma. He told he he can understand, and hopes that the cocktail works with the shots for a while this time (there is no cure you see.) I couldn't relax enough for the actual injection at first, and the doc had to talk me down. You can just guess what we talked about.

Then, Doc Skipworth said something I won't ever forget: he prepared the area and right before giving me the injection, he utters: "He's a lucky man."


So now I'm at work, in quite a lot of pain. My skin hurts, if you can imagine this and my back is pretty sore. I should start the new meds soon, and I have another shot scheduled in one month due to severity. Doc also prescribed - are you ready for this - sunlight. As much as it hurts, I gotta sun 7 to 8 minutes, three times a week. Ouch. But it's worth it I guess.

I'm the lucky one.
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