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If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do...

This has been THE best night of my life. Nate came over for Valentine's Day and he looked incredible. He was in this pinstripe suit...

Oh my God.

I wasn't finished cooking when he got here. Baking bread kind of bogged me down. Anyway, he really liked his gift, and he brought the most wonderful music to play for dinner. I finished cooking and I had everything set up just so - I even bought wine glasses just for the evening. I lit all these candles and served dinner and although I coundn't eat (I was too nervous in front of Nate), he seemed to enjoy it. He was so handsome, it was breathtaking. After dinner we sat and drank wine and played "If..." because I wanted to know more about him. He dodged some questions, but I did learn some really great stuff about him. Sometimes I'm flattered that he can trust me with information. Sometimes I wished he would trust me more. It was the most wonderful night - for the first time ever I really enjoyed Valentine's Day. I hope he did too. So now I'm at work and every few minutes, just for the Hell of it, I shake Nate's bracelet and send him my love. I know he's gotta work tomorrow, as do I. I know he's resting. I hope to be doing that soon. And so closes quite possibly a perfect day.
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