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::looks harshly into mirror::

Well, I proved that the people in my house can be adults when they really try. Then talked last night, and hopefully straightened most of their differences out. For the first time in a long one, laughter rang in that area of the house. It was great.

However, I caught some of the indirect and unaffected Hell. Again. This time between Josh and John.

mo jilt (4:53:03 PM): and Renea's the one who told Anjelica that the reason the rent went up is cause of the bills and shit you 2 are running up, that would piss me off too.
pho7ol (4:53:20 PM): and Renea's tellling us otherwise
mo jilt (4:53:47 PM): You are the one who told me originally Renea was 2 faced, so.....................

I'm still reeling from being drug into a problem that has NOTHING to do with me and I tried my damnest to stay out of. But they actually spoke last nioght, and whaddya know? Saying thing face to face usually fixes things. I'm proud of them handling things so maturely.

I could be pissed off about above statments, but that's when I remember that I don't give a flying FUCK what either of them thing of me and that isn't likely to change soon.

Willard Opens Today !!!!!!!!!!!
...And I've got tickets! YEET!!!!
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