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I have chills

Well, this weekend was horrible. I thought legitimately about suicide most of Saturday. I don't want to talk with my friends, but my medical stuff is a bit worse than I've let on.

However, in the midst of this 'stupor' that I'm in, I saw an amazing film. 'Willard' is everything I thought it would be and more. He's so romantic. It's like Norman Bates was for me. It's available joy, that tangible affection I can have anytime I really want. It's amazing. And my sweetheart did splendidly at the box office as well: #8 of the top ten with $4,025,000. I am so glad for the sake of it, which is a damn site better off than I was before it. To have something I can control, something that doesn't reject me. I feels like home. I guess you wouldn't understand.

Be happy for me.


Mar. 17th, 2003 08:49 am (UTC)
*is happy for you*

*actually understands*

yeah... having that thing that YOU control and will not let you down is a nicety... mine is my computer... when I feel depressed and violent, I sit down and start my magic... I love it.. heh... congrats on knowing what it is... most people either do not need that or mever figure it out...