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Out with the new, in with the old

Last night was the worst night ever. Katie had her first really bad shift. I need to talk to her, and I hope to today. Al was not happy. I saw him today, and we discussed some stuff. Arwood wasn't happy either, because Roonie went crazy. I'm afraid this could get bad. Pat was on time today, but I think he's already lost his job. I don't know if Al has said anything to him yet, and I feel like a heel for knowing something and not saying anything. I'm just trying to keep clear of all the hostility right now. The absolute LAST thing I need is to be in trouble at work.

I hope Jude is having fun. He's at gay pride in Atlanta, and as much as I wanted to go, due to the previous evening I'm glad I didn't. He deserves so much happiness, and he's had so little of it lately. He paints such vibrant strokes, that life is illuminated. I feel a prang of sadness though I did not know Shane. Here's to kindred souls, and knowing that they never die. ***

I've been harping a lot on New York lately. I have a feeling that I'm going to end up going alone. Why does that suddenly make me want to cry? I think that in having new friends, I want to show them things exciting and beautiful everyday. New York is amazing, but for the bulk of my life I have experienced beauty without someone to share it with. I hope this isn't the same way. It would be nice to hear someone say, "I know what you mean. How did I exist before this?"

I don't know...
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